How to sync subtitle in VLC player?

How to sync subtitle in VLC player?
Subtitles may sometimes be required when you are watching a movie of foreign language or when there are some jargon which you may not be familiar with or just to follow all the dialogues. Unfortunately, you may have searched and found subtitles on the internet but later you found the subtitles don't sync with the video. The subtitle may be appearing before the video or it may be appearing after the video. For those of you who use VLC Media Player on your computers, we will see how to sync subtitles on VLC Media player.

Need a subtitle finder downloader? If you are looking for a smart tool to search and download subtitles for movies on your computer, check out this tool. I featured this smart subtitle download in my previous post here - How to get subtitles for movies on computer?

You just have to right click on the movie file, select the subtitle tool, then select preferred language and it will search the subtitle on the internet for you. You need to download and extract the zip file. Copy the .srt file to the same folder as the movie file. That means, the subtitle file (.SRT) and the movie file should be in the same computer, and the movie file name and the subtitle file name should be the same. Or if the subtitle files in not placed in the same folder as the movie, you can import subtitle file in VLC player from MENU BAR > SUBTITLE > Add Subtitle File.

For detailed explanation how to use the subtitle finder tool, watch this short tutorial video:

How to sync subtitle in VLC player?
  • Open the movie in VLC Media Player
  • The subtitle should load (if same file name as the movie and in the same folder as the movie)
  • If you see the subtitle is  delayed or hastened, you need to synchronize the subtitle.
    • In the Subtitles/Video area, Adjust the timer - delayed or hastened
    • If the subtitle is appear ahead of the video, delay it.
    • If the subtitle is appearing after the video or subtitle is delayed, hasten it.
    • VLC Player will re-sync to the adjustments.
    • Do this till the video and the subtitle is synced.
    • Close
How to sync subtitle in VLC player?
Hasten, if Subtitle is appearing delayed

How to sync subtitle in VLC player subtitle appears ahead.jpg
Delay, if subtitle is appearing before the video

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