[Resolved] OSCLASS Posted Item Description Has Too Many Unwanted Blank Spaces

how to remove extra blank spaces in osclass item description
The OSCLASS item descriptions are appearing with wide extra blank spaces between paragraphs which makes the item look awkward. The spaces in between are too wide. It does not look good on the website. Most OSCLASS users are using "RichEdit" Plugin for text editing which appears in the item description text area. When pressing the ENTER button on the keyboard, it sets a new paragraph. And it looks okay when editing, but after the item is posted, there are too many blank spaces between the paragraph. Most of us would easily suspect the "RichEdit" plugin but "RichEdit" plugin is not the culprit surprisingly.

In this post, we will see how to resolve this issue with OSCLASS, a solution which I also found on OSCLASS forums posted by CJD and I thought I would share this.

To resolve the wide spaces between paragraphs in OSCLASS, do the following:
  • Open the following file C:\xampp\htdocs\site\oc-includes\osclass\controller\item.php in a text editor
  •  Find the string "$item['locale'][$k]['s_description']"
  • Change this line
$item['locale'][$k]['s_description'] = nl2br(osc_apply_filter('item_description',$v['s_description']));
  • To this:
$item['locale'][$k]['s_description'] = osc_apply_filter('item_description',$v['s_description']);
  • Save the file.
OSCLASS Posted Item Description Has Too Many Unwanted Blank Spaces
Now try posting a new item or view previously posted items which were displaying wide spaces. It should be resolved now.

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