Online Rent Receipts Generator for claiming HRA benefits

Online Rent Receipts Generator
A Rent Receipt is a simple way to document and confirm payments made on your home or apartment. As a landlord, you may be required, or asked, to provide a Rent Receipt to your tenants. While in most cases, Landlords do not provide us rent receipts when receiving rent payment, and we also don't ask for it most of the time except during submission of claims at the end of the financial year, it is a good practice to use rent receipts. Having transactions formalized in writing can help avoid any mistakes and confusion. Rent Receipts are required for submitting to HR or Payroll team to claim HRA exemptions. While Rent Receipts booklets are also available in book stalls and stationary shops easily, you can also generate rent receipts at, an online tax filing platform, has launched rent receipt generator for its users. It is free-to-use and automates the generation of rental receipts.

Generate beautiful and functional rent receipts that you can print and submit to HR/Payroll to avail HRA benefit at . It is easy to use. Just fill the details asked as per regular rent receipt format, and print it out. 
  • Go to .
  • Enter Monthly Rent, House Address,  Your Name, Email Address, Owner's Name, PAN card number (optional), From and to date.
  • Click generate
  • Take a print out of the receipts. If printer not available, you can also print it later from the copy sent to your email address by ClearTax.
  • Take the printed copy to the owner and get it signed.
  • Submit to HR.
Revenue stamp is only needed if payment made in cash per receipt is more than Rs 5,000.

 Revenue stamp is only needed if payment made in cash per receipt is more than Rs 5,000.

Step by step screenshots below:
Online Rent Receipts Generator address

Online Rent Receipts Generator 3

Online Rent Receipts Generator print
Printed Rent Receipts looks like this

This is a useful online tool for generating rent receipts. The interface is simple and easy to use.

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