How to remove Gmail account from Gmail app on Android device?


We use a Google Account to setup our Android devices. That gets linked with our devices for accessing Google services and apps on Google Play (Android Market), including Gmail. Eventually we might have added more Google Accounts.

So if we are asking, "How to remove Gmail account from Gmail app on Android device?", the answer is you can't. Well, I mean not directly from the Gmail App. Let's see how.

If you need to remove a Gmail account that you have added on your Android Phone, this is how to do it. Say for example, you have setup 3 Gmail accounts. Now you want to remove one of them as you don’t use it anymore and you do not want to keep getting emails on it.

Unlike most other email clients where you can add or remove email accounts from within the app, Gmail app does not allow account removal directly from the Gmail App. There is no place in the Gmail app from where you can remove a Gmail account.

To remove a Gmail account from Android Phone, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Android Phone Settings
  • Search and find Accounts (depending on your Android version, the actual menu may be slightly different)
  • Under “My Accounts”, tap on Google
  • All your Google accounts configured on the Android Phone should be listed there
  • Tap on the one you want to remove
  • At the bottom, there will be a “REMOVE ACCOUNT” button
  • Tap on it and confirm removal
That’s it.

How to not sync Gmail emails if you are using Gmail with another Email App:

If you have setup Gmail access on another email client (say the default Android email client) so that you can use that email client for email instead of Gmail App, and you do not want to keep receiving emails on the Gmail app, disable "Sync Gmail" from Google Account.

Go to Settings > Accounts > Google> Tap on the desired  Google Account > uncheck Sync Gmail.

That way, Gmail emails will no longer sync with the Gmail App. You can then continue using your preferred Email client for accessing your Gmail emails.

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  1. Thanx. I was looking in Gmail app and was surprised I did not find there.
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