How to forget shared folder location on network from Windows Explorer?

Suppose you access a shared folder on another computer using the path:

To access this location, we'd normally do:
Press Start > Type "Run">Type in the location (above)

We will be prompted for a user name and password. And we are in.Now this computer appear in Windows Explorer under "Networks". And you can click on it to access it again.

What if you would like to access the same location with another user account?
Or may be you have changed access permission on the shared folder on the other computer and want to test with another user account.

To access the shared folder on network using another credential, do the following:
  • Logoff or restart
  • Access the folder from "Network" in Windows Explorer (left sidebar)
  • Reenter the username/password.
To see the list of remembered network locations, do:
  • Start Command Prompt
  • Type "net use" and hit enter
  • You will see a list like this:

To forget the network and remove from networks, do the following:
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type"net use \\path /delete" and hit enter
  • The network location gets removed and no longer visible in Windows Explorer as well

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