MS WORD TIPS: How to merge multiple word documents into one?

Suppose you have multiple word documents and you would like to make one whole document from each. How to do it?

Well, we can open the first one, then copy all from the second word document and paste it at the end of the first one and so on. But that would be a tedious process if you have many separate documents.

How about letting MS Word handle that for us?

To merge multiple Word Documents into one, do the following:

  • Put all the MS Word documents in one folder
  • Rename the MS Word documents sequentially say page1, page2 etc.
  • Open the first MS Word document that you would like to appear on top
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the first document you opened and click to place the cursor at the end
  • Click on "Insert" tab and click "Object". Then click "Text from file"
Insert tab: Object > Text from file

  • A file dialog box will open
  • Navigate to the folder where you have placed all the documents
  • Select all the remaining documents
  • NOTE: Make sure that the documents appear sequentially. The document appearing on top will be placed first. If suppose Page2.docx is not appearing on top, sort the documents by name.

  • Click "Insert"
  • That's it!
You should now have all the documents merged into one MS Word document.

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