How to disable Google Picaweb Albums getting synced with Android devices?

When we setup our Android devices, we use Google Account. And this Google Account is an existing one, and if we have photos uploaded to Google's Picasa Web Albums and Google Photos etc.  When we are setting up a new Android Phone with a Google account, we get an option what we want to sync. Well, sometimes we don't pay attention and just tap to finish. So that is why, the Picasa Web Photos gets synced with the Android Phone or tablet. Otherwise, you can disable Picasa Web
Photos getting synced right from there by unchecking next to it.

If we didn't disable the sync, we'll notice that some albums are created in the Gallery App. These albums have a small Picasa logo visible.

Watch this short tutorial video how to unsync and remove the albums:

 Please note:

  • Picasa albums in the Gallery cannot be deleted from the Gallery App
  • Picasa photos inside the albums in the Gallery App cannot be deleted.

Steps to disable Picasa Web Photo sync and remove the Picasa Web Albums/Photos:

Step One: Disable Picasa Web Albums Sync
First, disable the Picasa Web Photo Sync. Steps are as on Android 4.2.2.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts
  • Under "My accounts", tab on Google
  • Tap on a particular Google Account (if you have more than one, do the steps for each)
  • Scroll down till you see "Sync Picasa Web Albums"
  • Tap to uncheck
  • Go back
This will disable syncing  Picasa Web Albums on the device.

Step Two: Remove Picasa Web Albums
Even though the sync is diabled from the above steps, we'll notice that the Picasa Web Albums previously synced are still there. And as mentioned earlier, they are not deletable from the Gallery App.

To remove the Picasa Web Albums, do the following:
  • Go to Settings > More > Application Manager
  • Swipe left till you see "All"
  • Scroll down till to find "Gallery". Tap on it
  • Tap "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache" (don't worry, your existing pictures in the gallery will not be lost. Promise!)
  You will notice that the Picasa Web Albums are now gone from the Gallery App.

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