How to sync bookmarks between desktop and Android phone using Google Chrome browser?

Bookmark tool on web browser are handy tools to save our favorite website links. Similarly, we do so on mobile phone web browser. 

But what if we'd like to sync those bookmarks, so that we have the same set of bookmarks both on the computer browser as well as our phone? There are way you can do so. On of the many ways to do this is to use Google Chrome browser. I chose Google Chrome for this post because we as users are dependent on Google for various other applications - Google Search, YouTube, Gmail etc. Thus, using a Google product provides seamless one-account management.

To sync bookmarks, you may use Chrome browser on both computer & mobile phone (Firefox & and other browsers also allow sync). You need to be signed in to Chrome with your Google account on both computer & Android phone. 

Take your web with you: Signing in to Chrome brings your bookmarks, history, and other settings to all your devices. Anything you update on one device instantly updates everywhere else, and your Chrome stuff is safe in case anything happens to your computer. It’s your web. Take it with you.
 Not just Bookmarks, what else you can sync:
  • Apps: Add an app on one computer. Access it on all your computers.
  • Extensions: Use your custom features on all your computers.
  • Settings: Browse the web with familiar settings, like your home page, on all your computers.
  • Themes: Color your Chrome and bring it with you to all your computers.
How to enable bookmark sync on Android Chrome browser (if not already enabled):
  • Open the Chrome menu.
  • Touch Settings.
  • At the top, touch your account name.
  • Touch the account you're signed in to again.
  • Use the blue slider at the top of the screen to turn Sync ON.
Bookmarks you save on chrome browser on your computer will also be visible on chrome browser on your Android phone as well, making it simple to maintain and manage.

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