Google Photos Android App: How to select and backup only some folders?

Google Photos App on your Android Device is a photo and video manager tool by Google. It can be a nice replacement of your default Gallery app to view, manage, edit and backup photos.

Since all Android users have a Google Account while setting up the account on the device, you can well use Google Photo App to save your photos online. The advantage is even if you lose your phone, you have your memories online, save and ready to sync once you setup the same account on another device. Google Photos can help you save space as you can delete safely backed up photos and videos from your device, as they are now backed up online.

Some features:

  • Auto-backup: Configurable device folders to backup
  • Save space: Delete photos and videos that have been successfully backed up
  • Create collages, movies, animations
  • Edit Photos
  • Sharing
 How to select and backup only some device folders on Google Photo App?
  • Open Google Photo App on your Android device
  • Tap menu (three horizontal lines on top left corner)
  • FIRST METHOD: Tap "Device Folders"
    • Your device folders are displayed with a "cloud" icon on the right
    • If it appears as a "blue cloud with an up arrow" it means the folder is selected for backup. 
    • If it appears as "a grey cloud with strike-through" it mean the folder is not backed up
    • Tap on the cloud icon to enable upload or disable

  • SECOND METHOD: Tap Settings
    • Tap on "Backup & Sync"
    • Tap on "Choose folders to backup"
    • Check the folders required

Backing your photos on Google will consume data so you might want to check if you have set to upload over Wi-Fi only (default) in Settings > Backup & Sync > Backup Settings. If you choose to enable upload even on mobile network, then enable accordingly.

Download Google Photos Android App from Google Play

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