Facebook Lite for Android - for 2G or slower internet connections

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Facebook has introduced a lighter version for slower connections. If your favorite Facebook app is not loading well due to poor network? You may want to try Facebook Lite!

Social Media giant, Facebook, launched a lighter version of the Facebook app called "Facebook Lite" around June 2015 in India. The app is designed for 2G and slower internet on mobile devices. With more and more internet users on mobile, this app will be ideal for users in developing countries to access Facebook.

Facebook Lite is:
  • Fast to install – the app is less than 1MB
  • Quick to load
  • Efficient with data
  • Designed for 2G networks and areas with limited network connectivity.

The app is a stripped down version of the Facebook app and it uses less data.  It is quick to load. While it still supports Facebook’s News Feed, status updates, notifications and photos, it does not support videos and advanced location services.

Android 2.2 or higher

The interface is quite similar to the original Facebook Android app though it has a few interface changes and also uses larger fonts. 

While installing two different apps for the same might not make much sense, if you are heading to areas without 3G/4G, having Facebook Lite may be an added advantage. 

Know about Facebook Lite from here.
To Download the Facebook Lite APK and install it on your phone, click here.
To download Facebook Lite via Google Play, click here.

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