How to view gif on Android mobile phone?

While some Android Phones automatically handle GIFs by default from the gallery app, some don't. On such phones, when a GIF file is opened, it is shown as a still image. There is not animation played. On online search, a lot of people seems to be talking about this. 

If your phone is unable to play GIF files by default, here are some workarounds.
Google Photos App
    • Google Photos or simply "photos" is not a part of Android. It can be used as an alternative for the default Gallery App.
    •  You can also use the app to view GIFs.
    • But since the Google Photos App displays a mix off all photos stored offline, it may be difficult to find GIF files specifically unless you chose to save GIFs separately in a folder.

 Use File Manager to open the GIF file with browser like Chrome etc. 
    • Yes, browsers on your phone can play GIF files.
    • It may be a tedious way to type the location of the file in the browser address bar, so if you intend to open them in browser, simply open a file manager, explore for the GIF files and do "Open With", then select the browser intended.

QuickPic Gallery 
QuickPic is a gallery replacement app that can also play GIFs. If your default gallery app is sluggish, QuickPic can be a good replacement for the gallery app, which is quite fast and the UI is beautiful.

Animated GIF Player
    • You can also want to try dedicated GIF players such as Animated GIF Player.
    • They usually have a nagivation feature and integated browser to play the GIF images.

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