How to select your own channels on Airtel Dish TV as per TRAI rules?


There are numerous TV channels today but only a few selected channels are watched by most subscribers depending on various factors such as age, interest, gender etc. Kids would like to watch cartoons, youth may want to watch music, movies and sports. Elderly people may want to watch news, religious channels etc. With so many channels of the same kind, as subscribers we are paying even for channels we don't watch. 

But from 2019, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has come up with a new framework for DTH and cable operators which allows the customers the right to choose the channels that they would like to watch and thus pay only for those channels. This would allow the customers complete control of their monthly bill for television services.

Here is how to select you own channels on Airtel Dish Tv:

Firstly, you can choose your own channels right from the TV by going to the channel 998. You can use your TV remote to navigate and select the channels. After the selection and confirmation, a QR code will be displayed on the TV screen which you can scan with your phone using a QR scanner to send SMS to Airtel.

Secondly, if you use the Airtel App, you can also select channels using the App but it may not be very convenient. The easier way is to select channels online from Airtel website. You can go to and login with your account email and password, or you can login with your registered phone number and OTP also.

After you login , click on the Digital TV menu on the left sidebar. If this is your first time, you should see an attention message to update. If you have low balance, you won't be able to change plan, so make sure you recharge with Rs. 100 or more. After that you can proceed to select a new plan.

Remember that Airtel offers bouquet of their own plans - here the channels are grouped into different plans. There could be channels you do not need. If you want to specifically select your own channels, the best is to go for "Alacarte". 

Here is an example how to:
This is an example after the plan is changed so we won't see the "Attention" message to upgrade.

After login, click on the Digital TV link to go to Connections and then click on CHANGE PLAN


After this, there will be a prompt to confirm. Confirm and go ahead.
In the next page, Airtel will display some recommended package. Ignore this.
Scroll down and click on "CREATE YOUR OWN PLAN".
In the next page, there will be "BROADCASTER BOUQUET" and "ALA-CARTE" links. Click on "ALA-CARTE" link to select your own channels.

You can use the search to search channel and select. Or you can browse by channel categories and select channels you need.


Finally click on REVIEW & BUY
You should be able to see the new monthly rental charges from the channels selected.

After the submission, the new plan is updated in a few minutes. You can switch on your Airtel TV and confirm the new channels selected whether they appear or not. 

To change the plan, add or remove, you can follow the same process. Or to remove some already selected before, go to the link and scroll down. Find "REMOVE ALA-CARTE". 

Select the channels you want to remove and then click on "REMOVE SELECTED".

If you are using some other TV service, the process may be similar or different. Refer to your operators website or instructions on the TV.

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