How to install fonts in Windows Computer and backup already installed fonts?


In this post, we shall see how to install fonts on Windows computer and also how to backup existing fonts from Windows computer.

To use any font, it has to be installed first. After which, the font can be used in programs such as Microsoft Word or Photoshop etc.

How to install fonts in Windows Computer ?
Watch this short demo on how to install fonts or backup fonts on Windows Computer:

Step One: Get the fonts downloaded to your computer.

To get fonts, just Google for "Fonts Download" and you should be able to get plenty of websites to download from. You can also try Google Fonts.

Step Two: Extract
Most fonts downloaded from the internet will be a ZIP file which contains the font files. They would normallu have .TTF or .OTF file extensions.

Extract the ZIP files. You can either install the fonts individually or move all the font files into a single folder.

Step Three: Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts
Copy and Paste the font files in here and it will get installed.

Step Four: Verify
Open applications such as Notepad or Word or Photoshop and confirm the new fonts installed are present.

You can now start using the new fonts installed.

How to backup fonts already installed on your computer?

In case you want to backup the fonts installed on your computer to put it in another computer, you can do so.

Step One: Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts or C > Windows >Fonts

Step Two: Copy the fonts you require or simply do CTRL+A to copy all

Step Three: Paste the fonts copied into another folder

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