How to resolve Microsoft Outlook stuck on 'Loading Profile'?

How to resolve Microsoft Outlook stuck on 'Loading Profile'

Sometimes, when starting Microsoft Outlook, it would get stuck on 'Loading Profile' and it will never load or will take a long time to load. In this post, we shall see how to resolve Microsoft Outlook stuck on 'Loading Profile'.

Step 1: First close any Outlook windows open. 
If the Microsoft Outlook is still loading profile, then you can terminate Microsoft Outlook from task manager.
  • Right-click on the taskbar and click on ' Task Manager'.
  • Click on "Processes' tab if not already open.
  • Find 'Microsoft Outlook' in the list of processes and left-click once to select it.
  • Press Alt (key)+E to end task Microsoft Outlook

Step 2: Run  Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode
Press Windows logo key and R key. This will open Windows RUN command prompt.

Type Outlook.exe /safe (NOTE: There is a space between "Outlook.exe" and "/safe". ) and then press Enter key to open Outlook 2016 in safe mode.

Step 4: If you see the Choose Profile dialog, choose a profile (if you have multiple profiles), and then click OK button.

Microsoft Outlook should ideally start in safe mode.

Step 5: After Outlook opens, close the Outlook program. Then start Outlook again normally this time.

The Microsoft Outlook should now start without getting stuck on 'Loading Profile'.

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