DIY - Samsung Galaxy I9300 Dead Screen Digitizer Replacement

Samsung Galaxy I9300 Dead Screen Digitizer Replacement

If your phone screen is dead, black and not responsive, then probably you need to replace the screen digitizer if the phone is still working. We'd know the phone is still working because by pressing the power button the phone starts and along with it the back-lit keys and the led instigators glow. Also, we should be able to hear the start sound if the phone is not in silent mode. Likewise, the phone shuts down. If the phone is working normally except the screen which is black and nothing can be done on the screen, probably you would need to replace the screen digitizer. But before you do, you should first open up the phone and check if the screen connector cables are in their place properly connected. The way to open a phone is different for different models. You may watch this video how to open a Samung galaxy S3 and replace the screen digitizer yourself.

Screen Digitizer replacements can be bought online. I bought this for Samsung Galaxy S3 for about 40$ (about Rs. 3000) on AliExpress.

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