First Things to do after buying a new laptop

So you have bought a new laptop. Great! And you can’t wait to start using your new device. But here are some recommended things you should do before you start using your laptop.
1. Un-install useless programs that came with the laptop:
Most laptops from vendors come with unnecessary software and anti-virus trial versions.  Bloat-ware is software that is near-useless, which companies pay system-builders to include on their machines. It can include media players, toolbars, and trial subscriptions to online services. In reality, all they do is slow down your machine. Remove themNeed help? Click here

Remove the bloat-wares before creating system recovery discs so that they are not included in the recovery.
2. Create System recovery Discs: 
You don’t want to ignore this because it can save you a lot of trouble later on. Most manufacturers provide a program called RECOVERY MANAGER to create system recovery media on multiple DVDs or on external storage. Usually, you will be allowed to do this only once. So keep the discs safe. Example for HP

Sadly even DVD can damage/corrupt, so your recovery discs aren’t totally safe in the long run. So it is recommended to burn an image (ISO image)of the recovery DVDs created and save them on an external hard drive. So in case something happens to your physical DVDs, you can use the images to rewrite to DVD. I recommend to always create an ISO image.
How to create a disk image?
Check your CD/DVD burning software installed on your computer. If not buy or download free disc burning software. Most burning software provide an option to create an image of CD/DVD. Remember creating an image is not equal to simply copying the CD/DVD. 
How to burn the image back to a DVD? :  
Same refer your burning software. There should be an option to burn the disc image to a physical DVD disc.
3. Create a system repair disc:
You never know when your PC might crash for some unexpected reasons and you may not be able to access it. That’s when a system repair disc will come to your rescue. Remember, if you are lucky this disc will rust and you might not have used even once. But this is something you wanna keep handy. For details refer here: How to create system repair disc?
4. Install necessary software:
After removing the bloat-wares, the next thing to do would be to install necessary software. For most regular users, we would need software that can perform Word Processing, surfing, playing music, playing movies, etc. 

Here are some recommended must-have softwares on your computer all for FREE! The software suggested below are sufficient for every day use. 
    1. Video players: VLC player -Plays everything!! 
    2. Audio players: Winamp (sounds ancient but good) or Windows Media Player is already there. 
    3. Browsers: 
      1. Mozilla Firefox 
      2. Google Chrome 
      3. Internet Explorer 9  -Usually any of the above two should suffice but IE9 is improved. Better than other previous versions. 
    4. Photo manager and editor: Picasa 
    5. Video and Internet calls: Skype
    6. Word Processing: OpenOffice (Microsoft Office substitute)
    7. Instant Messaging
      1. Yahoo Messenger
      2. Gtalk
    8. E-Mail Client: Even though many people used web based email like yahoo or gmail, if you would like to keep a email client. It’s actually better.
      1. Mozilla Thunderbird
      2. Windows Live Mail : you should already have this on Windows 7
    9. Compressors/Zip: 
      1. Winzip
      2. WinRaR
    10. FREE Anti-virus:  Uninstall the one month trial anti virus. There are good free anti virus out there
      1. Microsoft security Essentials
      2. 360 Total Security with System Tuner
      3. AVG
      4. AVIRA
      5. AVAST
    11. Audio Video Converter: 
      1. Freemake: All in one audio video converter various formats supported
    12. If you are a GEEK, you may try the following too 
      1. Dual Boot into Linux : Try Ubuntu
      2. FTP Client: FileZilla
Now that most of your essential softwares are installed, and you didn’t have to pay a penny for them, sit back relax enjoy some music or movies. Cheers 

If there are other free software for general purpose use that you find worth installing, do let me know in the comments.

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