How to remove Picasa Web Albums from Android Phone Gallery?

In this post, we shall see "How to remove Picasa Web Albums from Android Phone Gallery?". If you can see albums in the phone's gallery which you did not create, those are probably from Picasa Photo gallery from your Google Account / Google Photos.

While setting up Android Phone for the first time with a Google Account, we are given an option to choose which Google Services to sync with our phones. This is where we choose services we want to sync with the android phone. Sometimes, when we are lazy, we don't bother to customize and we just tap next and proceed. Services such as Google Contacts, Gmail, Google Keep, Google Drive are essential to sync with the phone if you use them. 

Some services may not be necessary to sync with the phone such as Google Play Books, Google Play TV, Picasa Web Albums etc. Some users may not even pay attention to this page and just click next. If so, and if you use Picasa web albums, you may see those albums synced and displayed on the Android Phone's Gallery. 

Watch this short video tutorial to see how to remove the Picasa Web Albums from the Android Phone Gallery.

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