Android Apps For Blogger: Blog On The Go!

If you are a Blogger user + Android user, and you would like to blog on the go, the there are Android apps out there you can use to blog on the go. Of course, we can also blog on the go by opening from the phone's browser, but blogging from an app may be more convenient. Google has its official Blogger Android App on Google Play Store, which is pretty neat. One can view blogs, publish blog posts from phone, save drafts online, attach pictures and add tags/labels to the post. But with the original Android Blogger app, we cannot edit the permalinks and edit HTML of the blog post. But with the other Blogger apps, some one these are available. Not all apps has al the above features. Nonetheless, you may try them out and decide what is best for you.

List of some Blogger Android Mobile apps:

1) Google Blogger App (official) 
-View Blogs
-Publish, edit, save drafts
-Add location
-Add labels/categories
-Add pictures to blog post

2) BlogIt (Blogger) 
- Rich Editor
- View/Delete/Add Comments
- Add Picasa photos
- Edit HTML tags (italic,bold,strike,paragraph,break,link)
- Tabbed Posts/Comments navigation
- Multiple Accounts 

3) Bloggeroid for Blogger
Besides the usual features, the following features are included
*Save and Load your posts to and from SD.
*Use simple "wikisyntax" like **bold**, __italic__, --strike--, ^^superscript^^ and [link text http://linkAddress] (for example [Blogger] will create link to with text Blogger.

4) Blogaway for Android
Besides the usual features, the following features are included:
* Rich formatting options
* Drafts auto saved locally
* Add a signature to be attached to your posts
* Manage your reading list by adding other blogger blogs
* Bookmark posts to read them later
* View comments on your posts
* Moderate comments (Approve, Mark Spam, Delete)

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