How to get subtitles for movies on computer?

Want to get subtitles of movies easily? Here is a quick tip on how to download subtitles of movies easily on your computer.

Watch this short tutorial video how to get subtitles for your movies:

How to get subtitles for your movies?

  • Download the subtitle finder tool from
  • Install it
  • After installing, browse to your movie file, right-click on the movie file (not the movie name folder) and click on "Search Subtitles", select preferred language
  • A browser window will open up
  • Click on the download link. It will download a zipped (compressed) file.
  • Navigate to the download location and extract the downloaded zipped file.
  • Open the extracted folder and copy the subtitle file (SRT file).
  • Paste the SRT file in the same folder where your movie file is.
  • Play the movie file in a video player (such as VLC Player).
 Subtitles not showing:
If subtitles are not appearing after doing all of the above steps, check if the movie file name and the subtitle file names are the same. The have to be the same (excluding the file extensions). If they are not the same, you can rename the SRT file with the same name as the movie file name or vice versa.

Try playing the movie and the subtitles should appear now. Some subtitles may have some lag and may not be accurate. If that is the case, follow the same process, find another subtitle and try.

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