How to setup Open Live Writer- a Windows Live Writer (WLW) replacement for Blogger service?

Open Live Writer
Windows Live Writer (WLW) is now Open Sourced and the new project is called “Open Live Writer (OLW)". It was officially announced on December 9, 2015 on the .NET foundation website (Windows Live Writer is now Open Sourced – Open Live Writer). 

Most bloggers on Windows loved the Windows Live Writer as it’s like a “one tool for blogging” to several blogging services such as Blogger, WordPress, etc. You can check out our previous blog post on Windows Live Writer here. Though Windows Live Writer still works on the latest Windows 10, there are some issues working with Blogger platform. Check out this post: Windows Live Writer does not connect to Blogger service any more.

How to install, setup and use Open Live Writer for Blogger service?

  • Install Open Live Writer as you would normally
  • Open “Open Live Writer” (Start > search for Open Live Writer)
  • Setup a blog on Open Live Write: Choose a blogging service
What blogging service do you use?Choose the blogging service you want to setup Open Live Writer with. If you use Blogger platform, choose Google Blogger.
Open Live Writer Google Blogger

  • Click next
  • Provide Google Blogger “sign in”: click on sign in. You will need to sign in to Google to continue. Provide the login and password you use to sign in to Blogger.
  • Select Blog: Your blogs on the Google Blogger account will be displayed here. Select the blog to setup with Open Live Writer. You can add more blogs later from Home > “Add Blog accounts” or “Manage Blog Accounts”.
    Open Live Writer Google Blogger
  • Setting up your blog: Open Live Writer will detect blog settings and download a template.
  • All done. Start blogging on Open Live Writer.
    Open Live Writer Google Blogger
Open Live Writer comes with the default features just as in Windows Live Writer – tags/categories, date picker, insert photos, videos, map, emoticons, split post, horizontal line etc. Plugins are not yet available for Open Live Writer as on the date of this post. You can check on the official website for updates.

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