Where are the hidden files and folders in Redmi Android phone?

This post is related to Xiaomi Redmi Android Phones.
The default file manager app on the Redmi phone is pretty neat. There are features such as grouping by file-type, cleanup tool, hidden folder, etc.

The "hide" tool is just below when a file or folder is selected. It is so easy to access that sometimes you unintentionally tap on hide when you actually wanted to delete the file or folder. And swish! It's gone.

Where are the hidden files on then redmi Android phone then
Now, on the same window or folder from
where the hide button was tapped, one can access the menu on the top and tap on "shiw hidden files". But it won't show. Because what the "show hidden files" does is show files that starts with a dot (.somefilename). I did a smal test by creating a new folder with a name prefixed by a dot. And it hides and show when the "shiw hidden file" is toggled.

The hidden files that are hidden using the "hide" button are somewhere else.
Redmi allow creation of hidden folder that is secured with a pin code. That is where the hidden files went.

To create a hidden folder or to find the files accidentally hidden do the following :
1) Open the default file explorer main window
2) Tap and hold some wherenat the top of the window (but not the way we drah down the notification area) (see picture) and drag down
3) The hidden folder is displayed ( a pin code may be asked to configure or enter if you already have configured).

The hidden files should be there.

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