How to show recent posts on Blogger blog using Blogger's Feed widget?

how to display recent blog psots on blogger using blogger feed widget

Google Blogger has a widget for showing 'Popular Post" but not "Recent Posts" which I think is equally useful for bloggers. If you are looking for ways to include "Recent Posts" in your Blogger blog, then there are a few ways you can add "Recent Blog Posts" on your Blogger blog.

1) You can add code in an HTML/JAVASCRIPT widget block in Blogger to display "Recent Blog Posts" with thunbnails. This is explained in another article. Click here: How to add recent post in Blogger?

2) If you simply want to display list of recent post links of up to 5 links, then you can also do so by using the Blogger "Feed" widget. For this to work, you should either grab the Blog's feed URL or should have setup Google Feedburber.

To add the Feed widget, do the following:
  • Go to Layout and add a gadget like normally. 
  • Find widget "Feed" and add.
  • Enter the feed URL
    • By default it is: "" 
    • OR if you have already setup a redirect feed such as "Google's Feedburner", get the URL from Settings > Other > under "Site Feed" > "Post Feed Redirect URL" > copy the URL from there. 
How to show recent posts in Blogger blog using Feed widget
Feed widget feed url redirect
Settings > Other > Post Feed Redirect URL
  • Configure the number of links to show, whether to show post date and auther information etc.
  • Click Save

configure feed widget post dates items

The recent posts displayed using the Feed widget is displayed as shown below:
show recent blog posts on blogger using feed widget
Like wise, if we want to display recent blog posts from another blog's feed, you can also do so in a similar way. In a ways, instead of adding code in the Blogger template, it is easier to display recent blog posts using the "Feed" widget. The limitation is that it can display up to only 5 posts.

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