Selfie Sticks and Android apps for taking selfies

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Selfies - vanity or just for fun?
Well, who am I or you to judge, right? Especially, if the person is enjoying it. Ahem! Let's talk about selfie sticks and Android apps required to take selfies.
Planning to buy a selfie stick? Consider the points below: 
While you are still thinking whether selfies are for vanity or for fun, it actually is quite useful, especially, if you are traveling alone and want to take some pictures of yourself with that awesome background behind you. If you don't have a selfie stick, you may end up doing these:

  • Ask someone to take your picture - you may have to instruct him or her how to operate it for a few seconds (may be); composition of the photograph may not turn out to be the way you like etc.
  • Set the camera on time and run - place your phone on a support or tripod, set it's timer and run for pose. Careful there!
  • Use a remote - aha! I can see your remote! Release the shutter from your pocket? LOL!
  • And may be some few other disadvantages.
Then, when the selfie stick was not so common, people used to take selfies with arms stretched out. Most of the picture, as you would have noticed, have arms taking most of the picture area.Not good.
  • Buy a selfie stick
Selfie stick available today are of basically two types - with Bluetooth remote or selfie sticks with aux cable and in-built button. Buy any that is suitable for your. Some may prefer the ones with aux cable, as it reduces another hardware to carry around. 
Bluetooth remote shutter is compatible with Android 4.2.2 OS and above.
  • Change the settings on your camera app
Why does my selfie stick shutter button zoom the camera instead of taking pictures? Hmm? 

Selfie sticks with aux cable and in-built button uses your phone's volume buttons to control the camera. Which means, you need to change the settings in your camera app. By default most camera apps would zoom with the volume buttons.
Check your phone's camera app menu and see if you have an option to let the camera app take picture with the volume controls. If it is not already set, set it.
If your phone's camera app does not have the option to take pictures using the volume buttons, find an alternative camera app such as Camera 360 Ultimate on Google Play.
  • No front camera on your phone?
While most Android smartphones today come with front facing cameras, if you do not have a front camera, don't worry. You can still take selfies! Just go ahead and buy a selfie stick. The selfie stick need not know if your camera has a front facing camera or not. Plug it in with the camera facing you and the phone's screen away from you and smile! Click!
  • Smile - Next time you are traveling alone, take your selfie stick along. Enjoy taking selfies.
Insane daredevils taking photos on top of a building in Dubai

 A little history about selfies sticks:

While you can look up on Wikipedia if you want to read through, here is a little history on Selfie Sticks.
  • Homemade selfie sticks could date back as early as 1925. A photo from that year shows a man taking a photograph of himself and his wife, with the aid of a long pole which is pointed towards the camera and out of frame.  
  • The term "selfie stick" itself did not become widely used until 2014.
  • The selfie stick was listed in Time magazine's 25 best inventions of 2014.
Check out more Selfie Apps on Google Play.
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