[Resolved] Samsung Galaxy J2 (Android) not connecting to Wi-Fi

Here is a Wi-Fi issue I recently encountered on Samsung Galaxy J2 smartphone.

1) The Samsung Galaxy J2 detected the Wi-Fi on turning the Wi-Fi on. But after entering the password it would show  "connecting..." but won't connect.
2) Another issue is the Wi-Fi hotspot keeps turning off and on.
If you are also experiencing the same issue,  you may try the following:

1) Forget the Wi-Fi network and re-try
Your phone saves the credentials with which your phone connects to the Wi-Fi hotspot. If you had entered the wrong password, you would be prompted then and there. But if the Wi-Fi administrator had changed the password and/or other security parameters (WPA etc.)  then you would need to forget and reconnect. In this particular case, you may have entered the right password but if it is still not connecting, try "forget the network" and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network.

To forget Wi-Fi network on Android phone :
a) Turn on Wi-Fi
b) Go to Settings > Wi-Fi /Wireless network > tap and hold on the Wi-Fi name > tap "forget Network".

Reconnect to the Wi-Fi network :
a) Make sure the Wi-Fi is still on on the phone as well as the hotspot
b) The phone would have detected the Wi-Fi hotspot
c) tap on the Wi-Fi name and enter the password to acces
See if this resolved the issue.
In my case this did not.

2) Reboot the phone
Surprisingly, system reboot does solves a lot of computer problems for a lot of people. Incidentally, rebooting solved this issue this time too.
Since I did the step 1 and being unsuccessful, rebooted the phone, the phone got connected to the Wi-Fi right after reboot.
If you had a similar situation and resolved the issue in some other ways, do share in the comments below.

3) Update firmware updates
Whenever there are bugs, patches are released by manufacturers. Thus it is important that you check for firmware updates and install them. To check for firmware updates manually, got to Settings > About device > Check for update manually.

Please note the Android version and Baseband versions of the Samsung Galaxy J2 where Wi-Fi and hotspot issue is no longer there. If your Samsung Galaxy software versions are lower, kindly check for updates and update.

samsung j2 wifi hotspot issue

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  1. Remove SD card and it will connect. Replace SD card once connected.

  2. Hotspot is not working properly in my j2 2016 .. it will turned off after few min.


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