Share internet/data plan with family members on Airtel

Airtel, one of the biggest Telecom company in India has launched internet or data plan sharing. You can share data plan with friends or family up to five Airtel mobile numbers. This feature is very useful if your family members are all using Airtel so that you can have just one data plan for all. 

The key benefit is that data plans are usually more expensive for smaller packs. 1GB plan for example is more expensive that 6GB plan if we look at per GB rate. Also, sometimes we don't utilize all the data we purchase, which can be used by other member in your shared plan in that case. So opting for data plan sharing can be more beneficial.

How to share your Airtel data plan ?
From the Airtel mobile number from which you want to share the data:
SMS <ADD> <space> <10 digits mobile number> to 121
  • Visit
  • Enter the number from which you would like to share the Data Plan
  • If you are already an member on Airtel website, enter the password or opt for OTP. 
  • Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number you entered above.
  • Add Airtel mobile numbers you can to share the Data plan with.
  • You can add up to 5 mobile numbers
How to deactivate sharing data plan?
From the Airtel mobile number from which you have shared data:
SMS <DEL> <space> <10 digits mobile number> to 121

Managing Airtel Data Share with MyAirtel App: 
Airtel's MyAirtel app is very handy in managing your Airtel account. It can be used to manage your airtel mobile number as well as data plans, Airtel Digital TV etc. If you have multiple Airtel services such as mobile numbers, data plans, Digital Tv etc. then it is a good app to have. You can manage all of these in one single App. 

  • Track all your accounts - prepaid, postpaid, broadband, digital TV & others, in one place
  • Recharge, pay bills and top-up DTH accounts for all service providers.
  • Get exclusive offers, deals & coupons on your recharges and bill payments.
  • Share your data with family - Activate Family Share plan in just a few clicks.
  • Tracking transactions is easy - Keep a tab on your transaction history using the app.

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