How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager with Office 2013 or later?

Microsoft Office Picture Manager, as the name suggests, is a picture manager and editing tool from Microsoft which is included in Microsoft Office Suite upto Office 2010. Anyone using Office versions prior to Office 2013 should be able to see Microsoft Office Picture Manager under All Programs> Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a useful tool for doing basic photo editing that is already included in the Office installation. One does not need to install another software. It can do most of basic photo editing such as: adjusting brightness, contract, mid-tones, color, re-sizing, cropping, rotate, etc. Many Office users miss this useful little program.

If you are looking to install Microsoft Office Picture Manager along with your Microsoft Office 2013 or later, do the following :
Download SharePoint Designer 2010, which is available as a free download at the Microsoft site:



  • Download "SharePoint Designer 2010"
  • While installing chose to customize.
  • If you already have Microsoft Office running, choose not to install other Office programs such as Excel, outlook etc. 
  • Choose only to install "Microsoft Office Picture Manager "
  • Click Install Now. 

Now you should be able to access Microsoft Office Picture Manager along with your existing Office. 

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