How to schedule emails in Gmail to send later using Google Sheets?

Previously I wrote a post on how to send emails later in Gmail using an extension called Boomerang (click here). Services such as Boomerang are limited on free versions. Free Version of Boomerang allows to you send up to 10 emails per month, which may be quite sufficient for personal use for some. If you do not like a third party service provider access your Gmail than you may try using Google Sheets as described in the steps below. 

How to schedule emails in Gmail?
What you would need is a Google Script developed by Amit Agarwal. The Script is incorporated in Google Sheet, which you would need to copy to your Google Drive (see steps later). Then all you need is to compose some emails in Gmail and save them as drafts. Open the Google Sheet, get the drafts in Gmail in the Google Sheet, and schedule the messages to send emails later.

Schedule & Send Gmail Messages Later Using Google Sheet
  1. Click here to copy the Gmail Scheduler sheet in your Google Drive.
  2. Close the sheet.
  3. Open your Google Drive. A new Google Sheet file with name "Copy of Gmail Scheduler by" is saved in your Google Drive.
  4. Set your timezone - Go to File – Spreadsheet Settings and select your current timezone from the dropdown. The emails will be scheduled as per the timezone set.
  5. Authorize: Click Gmail Scheduler menu and click Step 1: Authorize. Complete the authorization process.
  6. Compose emails: Compose an email to send later in Gmail. Don't click send but close after composing the email.
  7. Open the sheet "Copy of Gmail Scheduler by" from your Google Drive.
  8. Click on the Gmail Scheduler menu and select Step 2: Fetch Messages to import all the draft messages from your Gmail account into the Google Sheet.
  9. Set the scheduled date and time for individual messages in column D of the sheet. Double-click a cell to use the date picker or you can manually enter the date and time as mm/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss in 24 hour format.
  10. Click Gmail Scheduler -> Step 3: Schedule Messages and run the scheduler. 
  11. You may close the Sheet.
Emails you saved as draft and scheduled using the Gmail scheduler Google Sheet  will be sent as schedule. 

This is a good workaround for those who would like to schedule Gmail messages. The only hurdle for some may be that you need to open the Google Sheet in your Google Drive every time you want to schedule emails in Gmail. If Gmail can provide a "Send Later" option within Gmail, that would be an awesome feature addition.

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