How to Schedule an email to be sent later in Gmail (using Boomerang)?

Sometimes we may need to compose an email that we need to send at a later time- because we may forget or because we may not be available during that time or because it is simply appropriate to send during that particular time or date only. In this case, we would need to schedule it. Gmail being the most widely used email platform, let's see how to schedule emails in Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook has a built-in scheduler to delay the delivery of email messages. Set the "Delay Delivery" details, write the email message and hit the Send button, the message isn’t delivered immediately – it stays in your outbox and is sent at the specified date and time automatically.

To schedule emails in Gmail, you may try browser extensions such as - Boomerang, Sidekick and Right Inbox.  These services are however subscription based services that allow you to send only a limited number of scheduled email messages for free per month. 
Free version of Boomerang allows you to send up to 10 emails per month. 

How to send emails later in Gmail using Boomerang extension?
 Your email will be sent at the time and date you scheduled.

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