Resolved: Blogger custom domain redirect issue -blog opens only when prefixed with www

If you want the Blogger blog to open in a custom domain instead of the usual Blogger domain with "" in it, then one can setup custom domain redirection in Blogger.

 How to setup a custom domain for Blogger?

The first thing that needs to be done for redirecting the Blogger blog to a custom domain is to buy a domain, of course. So get one on GoDaddy or any preferred domain registrant. You many need to configure DNS, CNAME etc. This is not covered in this tutorial. Get help from your registrant's support if required.

Assuming you have the domain bought and working, let's proceed.
  • Login to Blogger
  • Click on settings > basic
  • Under "Publishing">"Blog Address", click on "+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog"
  • Click on the blog domain text box and enter the new domain name
  • Save 
  • Check the redirect "" to "" - if this is not checked the blog will not open when people do not type www in front of the blog address.
Watch this video on one such issue faced and resolved.
If the redirect is not checked, the blog can be opened only if www is explicitly typed before the domain name. Now this is bad as we don't expect people to always type www in front of your website domain name.

The blog site should open in a browser with or without the "www".

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