How to speed up slow Google Chrome browser on Android?

If you have experienced that Google Chrome browser on our Android devices is working a bit slow and sluggish, then this is for you. Most of us might have experienced that the native Android browser seems to work a bit faster than Chrome.
But why use Chrome then? Well, it's up to you but there are some advantages such as bookmark sync across devices, some chrome specific apps etc. 

Here is how to speed up Google Chrome browser on Android:
1. Open Chrome browser

2. Copy and paste the following (without the quotes) in a text box "chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area”
3. Tap on the first drop-down that appears
4. Change from default to 256 or 512 depending on your device's memory.  For older device, choose 256.
5. After the change,  tap on "Relaunch Chrome"
The Chrome browser will close and reopen.

Feel the difference?
Hope your Chrome browser is faster now.

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  1. I'm make a quote for chrome on this b'day .

    '''A day without chrome is like a day without internet'' How To Track BBM Messages

  2. Nice Information ans we can fix google chrome is slow issue with other methods also.


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