Facebook Like Button Confirm : Why are people seeing a "Confirm" button when they click on Fecebook Like button?

Facebook Like Button Confirm

Are you a blogger or a website maintainer who have implemented the Facebook Like button and seeing "confirm" when Facebook Like button is clicked? Are you looking for ways to remove the Facebook like confirm message? Why are people seeing a "Confirm" button when they click on Facebook Like button? Have you ever wondered how to remove the Facebook Like confirmation? 

I had also applied Facebook Like button on some blogs, and I saw a "Confirm" message when the Like button was clicked as seen in the screenshot about from one of those blog sites. The "Confirm" message does not appear on some blog sites but only on few others. Those are not so popular ones, with lesser traffic.

I researched online and a lot of people seem to be talking about this. I initially thought we could do something about it, or if there were some settings to be changed in the Facebook app settings. But looks like there is nothing we can do. 

Here is what I found on Facebook FAQ which says: (Link Here)

There are integrity and spam-prevention safeguards built into social plugins, and this is one of them. If you have been heavily testing a Like button before launching, you may have inadvertently triggered these safeguards. Additionally certain domains on the internet are more likely to contain spam, so will see the confirm step more often.

This confirmation adds one extra step to the Like button process, but once the like has been confirmed separately by a number of users, it will no longer appear, and the regular Like button will only appear.

So, as per the above FAQ from Facebook, the following is what I understand.
  • The "Confirm" message is a spam-prevention feature from  Facebook
  • There is nothing to be done on the Facebook app configuration side
  • The confirm message will be auto removed when more and different Facebook users start using the Like buttons on the website.

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