Asus laptop screen color always turns light yellow

The Problem:

I was informed by a family man of a color issue on his lappy. It's an ASUS laptop with Intel HD Graphics and Windows 7. It always loads a slight yellow display on restart after correcting.
This happens even after the screen color is calibrated using Window's display color calibration. Right after calibration it looks normal, but after restart it goes back to yellowish color.

Faulty Display Color
After Correction


1. Display Color Calibration tool

Like any one (probably), I first tried the Display Color Calibration tool from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Calibrate Color on the left sidebar. You can adjust brightness, color, contrast, gamma etc. from here.

The color got corrected. But when I restart the laptop, it goes back to the yellowish display color.

2. On ASUS laptops - ASUS' Splendid Utility

After snooping around, found it. If you are using ASUS laptop, and you are facing color issues like this one, don't forget to check the "ASUS Splendid Utility". This is a tool provided by ASUS for color management, which I think can be termed as a bloatware. Do we really need it?

Anyways, if you find that the display color calibration, and other adjustments are not resolving the color issue, then do check ASUS' Splendid Utility. The profile in use might be other than Normal, as was in this case.

In my case, it was using Gamma. Someone might have fiddled with the settings are some hot-keys pressed accidentally.

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  1. Thank god I got the name of the app! Splendid Utility! I knew I did switch something like to theater mode somewhere but was not able to recall app's name and this colour was driving me nuts! thank you for telling the name!

  2. Spendid Utility is very good app in asus laptop it helps in many setting many asus laptop users doesn't know about it . Thanks for sharing.


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