How to delete a Google Plus page?


If you have created a Google+ page and you no longer need it then you can delete as described in the following steps.

Warning: Deleting a page is permanent and can’t be undone.
To delete a Google+ page you must be the owner of the page.
    To delete Google Plus Page follow the steps below:

    • You must be using Google+ as your page and not as “you” –the user. If you are, you will see a notification on the top of the page “You are now using Google+ as the “name of the page” page.”
    • Choose Dashboard from the left-hand navigation menu and scroll down till you see settings Settings
    • You will be taken to the Settings page.
    • Click Delete page at the bottom of the settings page.
    • Confirm that you want to delete that page.
    Your Google Plus page should be deleted.

    Learn more about Google+ Pages: click here

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