How to disable the auto enhance and auto awesome feature on Google Plus Photos?

The "auto-enhance" is a feature added to Google Plus Photos which enhances your photos. Auto Enhance makes subtle adjustments (like removing red-eye and improving lighting) to help them look great. But sometimes, they don't turn out so great. And besides, it creates a copy of the original file. The new copy has "-edited" appended to the original file name.

Do you like Google Plus Photos to auto enhance your photos and create another copy?

And if you realized, it is turned on by default. That mean photos that you backup/upload to Google Photos or even those posted on Google Plus or posted on blogs, are auto edited. But it may not be applied to all photos as per Google Plus Photos support page.

Auto Enhance does not mean better photos after all! Here's why-

Here is a comparison of one of the photos I created and used in my blog. What I noticed what most images with pure white background are enhanced with slightly dark grey background. So, it is not really recommended to have auto-enhance turned on. Surely, I don't prefer my images getting auto edited.


Copy by auto awesome: file name has '-edited' appended

If you notice, the background is a bit darker in the copy.

Steps to disable auto enhance on Google Photos from your computer:
  • Connect to your Google + account
  • Click on Home (drop down at top left corner of the page)
  • Scroll down to Settings (or click
  • Scroll to the "Auto enhance" section.
  • Check OFF on "Automatically enhance new photos".

You might as well disable auto-awesome off just below auto-enhance.

  • Uncheck "Create awesome new images from photos in your library".

Disabling"Auto-Enhance" and "Auto-Awesome" on Android Phones
Google Plus Photos "auto-enhance" and "auto-awesome" are also accessible from your Android Phones. They are enabled by default. If you would like to turn them off, do the following:

  • Open the  Google Photos app (Photos app)
  • Touch the menu button or icon
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap on the account name.
  • Check or uncheck the box next to "Auto Enhance".
  • Check or uncheck the box next to "Create awesome new images, movies, and stories from your photos and videos".

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