Website domain Blacklisted - How to resolve?

One might be operating a website even without realizing that the domain is blacklisted. If a domain gets blacklisted, then it is treated as malicious, spamming website etc. It is no longer trusted. In this case, it may be rejected by some. In my case, I found this after I started getting errors when sharing links from the website on Facebook.

So who blacklists? 
Major security companies like McAfee, ESET, Norton, Google etc.

How to check if website is blacklisted?

Go to: and enter your website domain (
There are also other web security scanners on-line. You can check there as well if required. Blacklist Alert is also one such site.

A sample of the scan results on Sucuri were:

Blacklist status: //domain name replaced in this example
web site: 
status:    Site blacklisted, malware not identified
web trust: Site blacklisted.
warn:    Unable to properly scan your site. Site Empty (no content)

Also check the blacklist status tab, where it will be displayed who blacklisted your website.
Domain blacklisted by SiteAdvisor (McAfee): - reference
Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing: - reference
Domain clean by Norton Safe Web: - reference
Domain clean on Phish tank: - reference
Domain clean on the Opera browser: - reference
Domain clean by the Sucuri Malware Labs blacklist: - reference
Domain clean on Yandex (via Sophos): - reference
Domain clean by ESET: - reference

In this case, it was McAfee SiteAdvisor. In some cases such reports can be false-positive. Then, one would need to request for a review.

In this case (and this happened), the review was posted but I did not get response for long. So I went to McAfee Community ( and posted there about the problem. I received a response from moderators to follow a process as stated below, and I quote:

  1. Browse to
  2. Recommended for website owners or anyone else who wants to be updated on the request status:  Create an Account and then Login
  3. Click on “Check Single URL” (since most re-evaluation requests would be for a single URL)
  4. Select the Product you are using – in our case choose “McAfee SiteAdvisor”
  5. Type in the URL you want to check
  6. Click “Check URL”
  7. Optional:  Choose up to 3 categories from the drop-down “Optional categorization suggestion:”
  8. Optional:  Leave an “Optional comment”
  9. Click “Submit URL for Review”
  10. If you created an Account (and logged in with it), a Ticket ID will be displayed, along with 3 options on when you will receive email (when the ticket is Open, Reviewed, or Closed)

As I said, some cases could be false-positive. This was an empty site with no content. 

The latest response I got from the McAfee community is as below, where it has been stated that there is no reason why the site should be RED.


This is in continuation to the post above. 

After days of communicating with McAfee Security folks and by creating a ticket, the site is now clean. I just scanned the site on : and glad to find it GREEN. 

So in a nutshell, the steps taken were:
  • Get your website scanned
  • Find who blacklisted your website
  • Contact the respective company 
I am just glad this is solved. If you are in the same problem, you know what to do. 

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