Unable to uninstall Windows Programs - Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Tool

Software installed using the Microsoft® Windows® Installer (MSI) technology writes certain files and registry settings. If any of those files or settings are missing or corrupted, you may be unable to remove, update, or even reinstall the program. The solution in such cases is to remove all of the Windows Installer information so that the program can be cleanly reinstalled. To do that, Microsoft offers the free Windows Installer CleanUp utility.

Windows can be a pain sometimes. If programs are not properly removed, they remain in the installed programs list under control panel. Attempt to un-install the program from the Control Panel > Add/Remove Program also fails. Some times, you may run into install/un-install issues on Windows.
The program you are trying to un-install simply refuses to un-install due to missing files, or registry error etc. If you are facing un-install issue, simply run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Tool, find the program you want to un-install and remove it.

Download Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Tool from here.
Does Windows Installer Cleanup tool work on Windows 7? See here

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