Blogger Tips: How to add the Google Friend Contact to Blogger blog (GFC or Google+ Followers)?

When we visit a Google Blogger blog, there are chances that we will see a widget area on the sidebar that says "Join this site" with a pile of members' profiles who have joined the site or blog. On some Blogger blogs, we don't see them. Instead we see Google+ followers. Over the years, Google has been retiring some of it's products as and when new products are introduced. In earlier, Blogger blogs, the "Join this site" or Google Friend Connect (GFC) used to be the norm. But now, it is no longer available in the "add a gadget" list under basics. Here we'll see how to add the "Join this site (Google Friend Connect) widget if you need to. After the introduction of Google+, Google have been advising blogger to use Google+ to engage with viewers on Google+. Bloggers who have recently joined Blogger have an option to use Google+ profile instead of the Blogger profile. Google also advises users to use Google+ comments instead of the Blogger's original comment form.

Google Friend Connect (GFC) vs Google+ Followers
Practically, Google Friend Connect (GFC) and Google+ Followers  are pretty much the same. Visitors use it to follow. But there are slight differences, which may help you decide which one would be betetr to use.  

 Google Friend Connect (GFC):
  • Google Friend Connect (GFC) allows the visitor to join your blog by clicking on the "Join this site" button.
  • Updates from the blog can be ready in "Reading List" by signing in to Blogger.
  • If a visitor clicks on a member photo, it takes the visitor to a page where he can see the member's blogs (if he owns some blogs) or the blogs he/she follows. This feature is good in way as it allows people to explore related blogs.
Google+ Followers:
  •  With Google+ followers, a visitor is actully following "you" on Google+ and not technocally your blog
  • When a visitor on your blog, clicks on your Google+ name, it takes them to your Google+ profile where they see your posts feed.
  •  If you own multiple blogs, and they are share to Google+ regularly, then adding Google+ followers may be better.

How to add Google Friend Connect (Join This Site) button to Blogger blog?

To add  the Google Friend Connect (Join This Site) button to Blogger blog, do the following:
  • Login to Blogger dashboard and click on the blog name
  • Navigate to "Layout" 
  • Click "Add a gadget"
  • In the "Add a gadget" window, click on "More gadgets"

  • Scroll down and search for "Followers" 
  • Click on the plus button to add the widget
You should now be able to see the "Join this site" widget added.

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