How to shorten a long URL (URL shortners)?

How to shorten a long URL (URL shortners)
Long URLs can be hard to remember. Suppose you have a website page to share with someone, but it's too long. For example: It will be inconvenient to share this and difficult to remember too. But wait. Who the heck remembers URLs any way, whether short or long? While it is so, there may be cases where you need some one to write it down etc. Then a long URL will be inconvenient. But that is still not the real advantage of shortening URLs. The most common practical application of shortening URLs is to accommodate URLs in applications where there are character limits such as SMS or Twitter tweets etc. A regular SMS allows only 160 characters is a single SMS. Twitter Tweets allows 140 characters. If long URLs are used in such applications, there won't be any space left to write.

Luckily, there are ways you can shorten a long URL and make them short and east to remember. There are lots of URL shortners online like:
  • Google URL Shortener:
  • Bitly URL Shortener:
  • Tiny URL:
 Watch this short video how to shorten long URLs:

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