Free software to merge multiple PDFs to a single PDF

Free software to merge multiple PDFs to a single PDF

Many-a-times while working on documents, we feel the need to merge PDF files. There are many free and paid software out there to merge multiple PDF files into one or to split PDF files. There are also online services to do the same. But there may be some restrictions, such as file size, number of pages etc.

If you like, you can also use free Open Source software like PDFMerge. You need to install it on your computer to use. There are no limitations in this case on the number of pages etc.

Acrobat XI Pro. is one such tool. But it is not FREE.  Here is a free program that can be used to accomplish the task: PDFMERGE: Open-Source Tool

Features of pdfmerge:
  • PDF Merge and Split
  • PDF Bookmarks at Multiple Levels
  • Pagination and Footer Labeling
  • Projects can be save and merged repeatedly (XML format)
  • Merging can be driven from a command line for inclusion into other programs

Here is a short demo video how to use PDF Merge and Split:


Install the software on your computer. The installation is simple. Open the software and add the PDF files to merge. Pay attention to the sequence of the PDF files. Make sure the files are labelled appropriately or that the files are in sequence the way you want it in the output.

Set a file name for the merged PDF. Click Merge!
The PDF files are merged into a single PDF file which you can view in any PDF reader or using your web browser.

Another FREE software for PDF merge and split - PDFSam

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