One of the best free screenshot capture software on Windows - Lightshot

Do you take screenshots frequently? Are you still taking screenshots using "Print Screen" and Microsoft Paint? Not satisfied with Windows Snipping Tool? Then it may be time to find an alternative screen capture software. In this post, we shall check out Lightshot. Probably, one of the best free screen capture software for Windows.

In one of my previous post, I discussed the default Windows screen capture software called Snipping Tool here. We also discussed how Snipping Tool can be conveniently used to take screenshots of Menus.  But Snipping tool is still at a basic tool.  If you want more features then, you might check out Lightshot.

Lightshot is a free software with a lot of features. It is currently available for Windows and Mac.
  • After installing, you can use the print screen key (default) on the keyboard to take screenshots. 
  • If you do not want the default Print Screen to be taken over by Lightshot, then you can set your own key from Lightshot options.  
    • From the Lightshot tray icon, right-click and click on Options
    • Click on the Hot Key tab
    • And in the "General Hotkey" text box, start pressing the key combination you want to assign as the hotkey.
    • Click Ok to save.
Lightshot has lot of tools available to customize the screen capture such as insert text, highlight, marker, insert arrows etc.
lightshot best free screen capture software windows
Screenshot edited using Lightshot

Saving the screenshots:

After the screen capture, you can save it to a folder on the computer. But default, Lightshot folder is created under my documents.  But you can set your own folder and save the screenshots.
After saving a screen capture once, subsequent screen captures can be saved by pressing CTRL+S on the keyboard directly to the folder saved previously. 

Download Lightshot Here

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