Computer DIY: Replacing faulty keyboard on Dell Vostro 1014

If there is a problem with your laptop keyboard, then you might have to replace it. In some cases, it might just be because of stuck keys. In which case, you can carefully try to resolve the problem by removing the disturbance that is causing the key to stick. In some cases, it may be because of poor contact on the motherboard due to particle deposits on the contacts. In such cases, you would need to remove the keyboard completely and clean the contacts of the keyboard that attaches to the motherboard. You can use some alcohol based solution to clean the contacts. Or an eraser to rub of dirt from the contacts. 
But in some cases, you may have to replace the entire keyboard - such as when most keys are not working or if there are keys missing. In that case, you can find replacement keyboards online for your laptop. They are not very expensive and you can replace the keyboard yourself, it is not that difficult.

In this example, we shall see how to replace a faulty keyboard on Dell Vostro 1014 laptop. The way to remove the keyboard may be similar on similar Dell Vostro models.

Check out this demo video how to replace a faulty keyboard on Dell Vostro 1014

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