Email Settings On OSCLASS Website - OSCLASS Mail Server Setup and Configuration

Email services are required by almost every website that need to communicate with users over email even for basic things like emails to users after account creation for activation link, forgot password and contact forms etc. OSCLASS also need email for the above purposes. Configuring Osclass to use  mail server is quite easy as OSCLASS includes a pretty simple to understand form for configuring email. In this post, we shall see how to configure OSCLASS mail server for sending emails from the OSCLASS website.

Email Settings On OSCLASS Website - OSCLASS Mail Server Setup and Configuration

OSCLASS Mail Server settings are at Settings > Mail server.

Check mail server settings on your host first:
Before you start configuring OSCLASS Mail Server, you may need to check the mail setting required by your host the way it is configured.
  • Login to your web host control panel (Eg: CPanel, PLESK etc.)
  • Click on the Mail section and click on the email address created
There should be an area where you can access mail configuration and settings details required to configure email clients, which includes information on the mail server, incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, port requirements, and whether SMTP authentication is required or not.

Note the details required and proceed to configure OSCLASS Mail Server settings.

OSCLASS provides two types of configuration: Custom Server and GMail server.

To configure OSCLASS with domain based emails, use Custom Server
  • Server Type: Custom server
  • Hostname: usually or the domain name or IP (localhost by default).
  • Mail From: Enter the full email e.g:
  • Name From: Enter any name to display From Name. Eg: Company Name
  • Server port: 25 for SMTP or 465 for Secured SMTP
  • Username: This is optional, only in case your server need authentication enter the full email address
  • Passsword: Enter the password for the email
  • Encryption: ssl, tls or left blank as possible values. If the server port chosen above is 465, enter SSL or TLS as per your mail server on the host.
  • SMTP authentication: Check box for SMTP authentication check only if you're sure what you're doing
  • Save the changes

To configure OSCLASS with Gmail address, use GMail Server
If you want to use Gmail email instead of your domain email to configure OSCLASS, then the following is the settings required. You need a Gmail email of course.
  • Server Type: Google mail server
  • Hostname:
  • Server port: 465
  • Username: your username before the
  • Passsword: your GMail password
  • Encryption: ssl
  • Check box for SMTP authentication checked

OSCLASS Mail related troubleshooting:

Before troubleshooting mail server related problems with OSCLASS, we need to know that the mail service on the web host if working fine. To do so, you may access the domain email via web mail or via email client (if you have configured one).

1) Test email by sending from your domain email to another email say your personal gmail. to //check if received

2) Test email by sending from your personal Gmail to your domain email to     //check if received

If the above two tests are working, then your mail service on the host is working fine. If email is not received in the two tests above, then there is something wrong on your mail server on the host, in which case, even if OSCLASS is configured, mails will not work. Check mail related logs, settings and also check with your hosting provider for any issue related to mail server.

Issue : If emails are not going out from OSCLASS website
How to test if mails are sent from OSCLASS website or not?
  • Create a user with an email you have access to.
  • Publish a listing with that user.
  • Open the listing published and comment on the CONTACT PUBLISHER form with another email you have access to or the same email.
  • Check if OSCLASS sends emails to the publisher (you)
If the publisher (you) is not receiving emails from OSCLASS, then check the configuration on the Osclass Settings Mail Server settings. Maybe you have misspelled some detail.

If everything looks correct, then check your mail server is working properly. Contact you hosting company or check the mail server's log to know what is happening. Also check the port requirements as per the mail settings on the host is entered correctly on OSCLASS Mail Server settings or not.

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