Blogger Video Bar broken? Displays "This content isn't available over encrypted connections yet."

Blogger has a gadget or widget called "Video Bar" which allows us to display YouTube videos on our Blogger blog. The video bar has few settings that allows us to specify whether we want to display Most Viewed Videos and Top Rated Videos from YouTube. Or we can also specify channel(s) and keywords to filter and display.

It's 29 November 2016 today, and I tried it but it is not working. After adding the Video Bar gadget to Blogger and specifying the required details, the gadget area on the blog displays:

This content isn't available over encrypted connections yet.

Is any one facing the same issue with Blogger's Video Bar?
If you have resolved it, I would also like to know please.

Alternative: How to display YouTube Videos (in a playlist) on websites or blog sites?

The reason why I was trying out the Blogger Video Bar widget is because I have a YouTube Channel where I upload some tutorial videos and link them to this blog. But I also wanted to have a Video Bar, where visitors can also access other videos not specific to a particular post if they are interested. But since the Video Bar is not working, I tried out and alternative method and it also works pretty much okay. 

So, what I did was, put the videos that I wanted in a playlist on YouTube  (or you can also grab the "uploads" playlist from YouTube if you want to let all the uploaded videos in the playlist) and then copied the "embed" code of the playlist and embedded to this blog like embedding any YouTube video on websites. The only difference is, it is a playlist with multiple videos. Though there is no easy UI for easy navigation of other videos in the playlist, it is fine.

I have posted a detailed steps on how to embed YouTube playlist on websites here - 
How to order, add new videos to YouTube playlist automatically and embed YouTube video playlist in websites and blogs

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  1. im having the same problem, im doing everything that everybody is telling me but nothing works :(

  2. Replies
    1. I have not tied the video bar widget after the previous attempt.
      If you like, you may check out the alternative mentioned above on embedding YouTube playlist videos instead. I have updated the post.


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