How To Setup A Custom Domain For Blogger Blog

How To Setup A Custom Domain For Blogger Blog

In this post, we will discuss how to setup a custom domain for a blog on Blogger. By setting up a custom domain, the blog on Blogger will be accessible using the custom domain. Example: "" instead of "". The first thing required for setting up a custom domain for Blogger blog is to have a custom domain name. So, if you do not have one already then go ahead and buy one from any domain registrant such as Go Daddy.

"Blogger" is an easy to use blogging platform from Google and one among the best to easily start blogging. The advantage of using Blogger is that we use a lot of Google products today such as Picasa Web / Google Photos, YouTube, Gmail etc. and it is very convenient to inter-operate. 

When we setup a blog on Blogger, the URL of the blog is something like "". This is okay for casual bloggers but if you are setting up a blog or site on Blogger for something serious, then you might want to have a custom domain so that the name of the domain or website is of the business for which the blog or website is being setup for. Blogger can even be used to setup like a website, with static front page instead of the typical blog type front page. Read my previous blog post  - How To Create Static Home Page Website with Blog using Blogger? 

For setting up a custom domain for Blogger blog, the basic steps are:
  • Buy a domain name
  • Configure Blogger to use custom domain from Settings > Basic > Publishing > Blog Address > Add custom domain
  • Configure CNAMEs and A records in the Domain's DNS Management

Watch this video tutorial for setting up custom domain for Blogger blog.

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