MIUI 8 - How to disable promoted apps on folders on Xiaomi MI phones?

If you have upgraded your Xiaomi phone to MIUI 8, you might have noticed the "Promoted Apps" showing related apps below open folders. I find this quite irritating and so would you, I suppose. I do not understand why Xiaomi would include this feature anyway. It's like any other free Android app with promoted ads bundled in. Anyway, I suppose many users would be willing to remove this.

Follow this short video how to disable or remove the promoted apps from Xiaomi / Mi Phones:

Note that the "Promoted Apps" appear on each folder.
There should have been a setting from where the "Promoted Apps" can be disabled with a single switch. But no, you will have to open each folder and disable it.

To disable the "Promoted Apps" do the following: 

  • Tap to open a folder
  • Tap on the name of the folder
  • Just below the name of the folder, tap to disable the "Promoted Apps"

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  1. Amazing information!Thanks for the sharing. Admin You are really very helpful.
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  2. Just tap on more apps and disable promoted apps.

  3. I am on prepaid.. so I find this 'feature' a waste of my precious bandwidth... thanks for the tip!

  4. Why does it not work in my phone? :(


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