How to add audio tracks to YouTube Videos and backgound music issue.

If you have been editing background music of your videos uploaded on YouTube using YouTube's audio edit tool, you may have observed that YouTube does not preserve the original audio even if you do "favor original audio". So the background audio that is added entirely overshadows the original audio.

So if we have a video with original speech, this is not going to work. Watch the video below how to add or edit background audio to your YouTube videos and upload to YouTube.

The highlight of the video is that since the original audio is not played after adding background music, it is better to edit videos offline in your favorite video editor. You can download free audio tracks for your YouTube projects from YouTube audio library and edit it offline and upload to YouTube.


If you edited background audio on Youtube and lost the original audio. How to bring back the original audio?

  • Login to YouTube. 
  •  Click edit next to the video 
  • Click audio tab 
  • There will be a "revert to original" option button 
  • After processing, YouTube will bring back the original video as it was uploaded.

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