How To Unlock Data Card USB Dongle Idea Net Setter?

unlock idea net setter dongle
Idea Net Setter 3g dongle uses a Huawei E-1550 hardware. It is a 3G USB modem which support 3.6 mbps download speed. In this post, we'll see how to unlock USB Data Card dongle. The benefit is that you can use any SIM card with an unlocked Data Card dongle instead of the default one set by your service provided. That way, if the services of the default service provider is not good in your area, you can easily switch to other service providers' network using another SIM cards.

Before starting the unlock process, make sure the data card is detected by your desktop/laptop. You will be able to make out from your data card dashboard program. If you have a working SIM card entered, you will see a signal strength indicator at the status bar. OR you can also check from Mobile Partner, you will see under TOOLS > CHOOSE DEVICE.
  • Note the IMEI number- The IMEI number is a 15 Digit number you will find printed on the device.
  • Download the required softwares listed at the end of this post.

Check out this short video how to unlock Idea Net Setter USB Data Card Dongle:

Download the software required.

Please note that I do not guarantee the availability of the above software. If not found in the links provided, please Google for it.

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