Google+ Comments vs Blogger Comments: Should you enable Google+ comments on Bloggers?

Blogger Comment vs Google+ Comments
Google introduced Google+ comment for Blogger, which is not enabled by default so it has to be enabled by the administrator. Enabling Google+ comment system on Blogger has it's pros and cons. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of enabling Google+ comments on Blogger and you can decide whether to use Google+ comments or not.

How to enable Google+ Comments on your blogger blog?

  • Use Google+ Profile
    • Login to Blogger
    • Click on the "Gear" icon on the right hand side, select "Edit User Settings"
    • Select "Google+ Profile"
  • Enable Google+ Comments
    • Sign in to Blogger.
    • Select the blog to update.
    • In the left menu, select Settings > Posts, comments and sharing
    • Scroll down and find "Google+ Comments"
    • Use Google+ Comments on this blog: select "YES"
    • Save Settings
Enable Google+ comment on blogger

Blogger Comment vs Google+ Comments

Blogger Comment:
  • User has multiple account options to comment with - Anonymously, using Name & Url, Using Google Profile, Etc. 
  • Blog Owner get notification by email on comments.
  • Blog owner has access to comments in Blogger dashboard.
  • Bulk/Multiple comment moderation is possible from the Blogger comment page.
  • Comments can be exported / migrated when moving to another platforms (eg. WordPress)
  • Blog admins can delete any comment from blog post.
  • Blog Admins have the option to moderate published comments, awaiting moderation comments, and spam comments.
  • I don't find any. 

Google+ Comment:
  • Integrating Google+ comments may improve blog audience among Google+ users.
  • One can directly comment from Google + where the post has been shared and it is visible on the blog.
  • Users can comments on a post and opt to share the comment to Google+ also. Improves interaction.

  • Only Google+ users can comment.
  • Enabling Google + comments on Blogger also disables the “comments” manager page from the Blogger dashboard. Bulk management of comments is not possible.
  • Comment moderation is difficult as blog admin has to visit each post and manage comments.
  • The blogger admin is not notified of new comments, based on my experience at least. So it is hard to track new comments. (In my tests, I did not get Google+ notifications. Others can confirm this if you received notification for Google+ comments on your blog).
  • The blogger admin cannot manage the Google+ comments – there is no option to delete comments on a blog by the admin. Though Google+ handles spam well, this is a big drawback. 
  • Google+ comments on your blog cannot be migrated or exported when changing platforms (Eg. WordPress)
  • Another big turnoff is that whenever the blog post is shared to Google+ using G+ share buttons on the page, it is added to comments. Is sharing really a comment?

Testings the pros and cons of Google+ vs Blogger Comments, we find that there are more cons for Google+ comments on Blogger than pros. I have personally decided to keep Blogger Comments on my Blogger blogs for now. If there are improvements in Google+ comments in the future, I may make the switch, after tests.

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