Resolved: "iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes" after forgetting passcode.

iphone is disabled conenct to itunes
Yesterday, a relative showed me his iPhone, quite frustrated that it is disabled. He gave the iPhone to a family member to use and that person changed the pass-code but later, did not remember. After multiple wrong entries, the iPhone got disabled. The message displayed on the iPhone is:
"iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes"

There is a lot of information on the net and even on Apple Support. But any way, I thought I would share this experience on my blog as well.

If you forgot your iPhone passcode and your iPhone is disabled, then do the following:

Fix for iPhone if synced with iTunes on computer available:
In this case, we had a laptop in which iTunes is installed and used with the iPhone previously. So the process is simply just to connect with the USB cable and restore from the previous backup.

1. Using the USB cable, connect to the iPhone to the computer where you normally connect the iPhone to to sync contents using iTunes.

2. Open iTunes.

At this stage, iTunes detected the iPhone and displayed whether to setup the iPhone as new or restore from backups.
iphone setup as new or restore from backup

Selected "Restore from this backup" and completed the restore process.

3. If you don't get a prompt from iTunes automatically as in the picture above, you can choose to restore from iPhone's Summary.

File > Devices > Restore from Backup
After the iPhone is connected to the iTunes using the USB cable, browse to the iPhone's summary, and click "Restore iPhone".

4.  Wait for the restore process to finish.

Fix for iPhone if not synced with iTunes on computer:
If there is no computer where the iPhone has previously connected or synced previously, then the process is slightly different from the previous one. Refer to this link.

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