Whatsapp now lets users send documents

How to send documents on Whatsapp
Whatsapp now lets users send documents over chat. Over the last few years of Whatsapp, users were only able to send images,  videos, contacts, audio files and location. Whatsapp now lets users send documents. This feature is a much welcome feature. Whatsapp . The feature to send documents is visible in the most recent builds available via Google Play and the App Store - Android v2.12.453 and iOS v2.12.4.

The steps to send attachments is the same as sending images or videos. To send documents on Whatsapp,
just tap on the attachment icon and select the document to share. Right now users can only send PDF documents on Whatsapp [as of March 3, 2016].

Sending document to a user on Whatsapp:
Tap on the attachment icon and select the document from the document list page. A document sent to a user on Whatsapp looks like as shown in the image below.

send document to a whatsapp user
PDF document shared to a user look like this
If a document is sent to a user who have outdated version which doesn't support document share, it prompts a message that the user is using a version of Whatsapp that doesn't support documents. (See the Whatsapp message in the screenshot below).

Sharing documents to Whatsapp group:
If any of the members of a Whatsapp group have outdated Whatsapp version, the document is not send. A message is displayed that user(s) is on a version that doesn't support documents.

share documents to whatsapp group
Document shared to Whatsapp group with a user using outdated Whatsapp version

   If you are not able to see the document icon in Whatsapp attachment, update Whatsapp app to the latest one from Google Play.

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